10 Skin Care Essentials – Oils, Masks & Tips

Following a good skincare routine will guarantee gentle, smooth and adorable skin. With an essential skincare routine, the desired skin glow will be easily achieved.

There various strategies and products that can be employed in this routine. These range from crucial oils, mask and other skincare products.

Selecting the best for your skin may not be the most straightforward task.

This is due to the different products available and different achievements desired.

In this article, we will highlight the top 10 skin care essentials for improved skin health. This includes top tips and products to add in your makeup kit for brighter skin.

Basil Essential Oils

This is the most effective product for sensitive skins. Basil soothes insect bites and other effects from stinging plants.

Its soothing properties, therefore, make it ideal for sensitive and dry surfaces.

Basil essential oils will be great for massaging strained skin thus effectively providing relief. These oils are also compatible with massage oils, therefore, an added advantage.


Sunscreen is an excellent solution for people always in the sun. This exposure often leads to skin damage by harmful UV rays.

Applying sunscreen before heading to the pool or sunbathing is therefore critical.

This makes it vital for sun worshipers and beach lovers alike. Regular application of this product will provide permanent sun protection throughout the day.

Myrrh Essential Oils

Myrrh oils significantly improve skin elasticity and firmness. Due to its potent anti-inflammatory properties, myrrh is essential to chapped skin.

This product guarantees improved skin tone and eliminates wrinkles and fine lines in aging skin.

Myrrh oil will also provide relief to some skin conditions including eczema, skin rashes and sun damage.


Exfoliation is very beneficial to your skin. Face and body scrubs aid in the removal of dead skin thus unblocking your skin pores.

Exfoliation also provides relief from acne and removes dark spots from your skin. This procedure should be coupled with constant moisturizing for improved skin health.

Lavender Skin Oils

Lavender is highly recommended for spot treatment. It is also beneficial to stress, aging skin. Regular use heals dry skin, reduces scarring and provides relief to cuts and scrapes.

This makes it one of the most preferred products for treating skin irritations.

You have activated Charcoal Treatment Mask

Clay masks have been used to combat black spots and open up skin pores successfully. Activated charcoal treatment mask will suck dirt and sweat accumulated in your pores.

This is made possible by an advanced formula from which this product is based. Regular use of this product proves permanent relief to stressed skins.

Water Sleeping Masks

Including sleeping masks in your skincare routine is a wise choice. This product keeps your skin moisturized all night long thus adorable skin every morning.

Sleeping masks are also ideal for plump and hydrated skins if you’re planning on skipping moisturizers, this will ideal for you.

Patchouli Essential Oils

Patchouli essential oils from Pure Path are vital for dermatitis and eczema. These oils promote healthy growth and regeneration of your skin thus essential to old, wrinkled skin.

Patchouli also has antiseptic and antibacterial characteristics which make it ideal for psoriasis and acne.

Anti-aging Sheet Masks

Skin moisturization inhibits wrinkles and delays skin aging. Anti-aging sheet masks keep the skin hydrated and moisturized thus inhibiting skin aging.

Including this facial mask in your skincare routine leads to incredible results. When used regularly, this product will leave your face looking firm than ever before. This sheet mask is therefore essential to age persons.

Moisturizing Lotions

Moisturizing lotions are easy to apply. They are also easily absorbed by the skin thus keeping your skin moisturized and hydrated.

Most of these lotions are lightweight, and therefore you won’t feel sticky after application.

Lotions from Pure Path Essential Oils will provide skin protection all round the clock.

The above tips and products will ensure improved and sustained skin health.

These products and suggestions can be obtained from the Pure Path Essential Oils website. Be sure to visit for these and more skincare products.

Effective Skin Care for Men – Keep It Simple and Natural

Why is skin care for men important?

Though they typically spend much less time taking care of their skin, men are often exposed to more damaging environmental factors such as sun, wind, cold, smoke and pollution. Sweaty workouts, as well as stress, can also take their toll on men’s skin.
Shaving also takes its toll on men’s skin. It damages the natural protective barrier of the skin. Nicks and cuts, even the tiny, barely visible ones caused by electric shaving expose the deeper layers of skin to harmful molecules.

It is no wonder that many men struggle with skin problems, ranging from acne, dry skin, sensitive skin, under-eye circles and lines, and wrinkles. There is great skin care for men to prevent and heal these common problems.

A basic men’s skin care routine should be made up of effective cleansing and moisturizing.
This will ensure that the skin is pure and healthy, and looking its best. Choose products wisely, and stay away from synthetics and chemicals. Remember that since daily shaving leaves men’s skin more vulnerable, it is even more important for skin care for men to be made of natural ingredients.

Use a mild, natural cleanser daily. There is no need to exfoliate daily, this will only lead to an imbalance of the skin. Exfoliation can be kept to once a week, or once every two weeks, depending on individual skin type. Even then, a mild exfoliator with fine grains can be used.
Moisturizing is the next essential step to keeping the epidermis nurtured and healthy.

A good moisturizer will increase the comfort of our skin, solving dryness, redness, and irritation. It will also prevent the signs of aging, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles that may already have appeared. It is important to shop around for a high-quality moisturizer.

Do not pick your cream according to the price, check the ingredients label instead. Make sure the cream is free from harmful chemicals, and instead contains valuable natural ingredients.

Some effective natural ingredients that are known to deliver visible results are CoEnzyme Q10, phytessence wakame from sea kelp, Manuka honey, natural vitamin E, grapeseed oil, collagen in a form easily absorbed and utilized by the skin such as Xtend-TK. Look for these active ingredients in men’s skincare to make sure you have a product that will deliver results. Remember that spending a bit more on a product can mean savings in the long run if it keeps its promise of delivering healthy skin.

When it comes to skin care for men, it is important to keep it simple, effective and natural. The results will be better health and looks and improved self-esteem.